Areas of Practice

  • 1.Litigation/Arbitration

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office attorneys have vast experience in various types litigation and arbitration. The firm covers from litigations such as for loan collection, damage compensation and real estate transaction to more specialized litigations in areas of IT, intellectual property and securities.

  • 2.General Corporate

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office supports daily legal matters of corporate clients and represents such clients for legal disputes.
    The firm also assists its client’s contract negotiation by giving advice from legal perspective, and depending on the nature of a case, the firm can act as an agent and negotiates directory on behalf of its client.

  • 3.Real Estate

    Attorneys of the Omotesando Sogo Law Office have vast experience in the field of real estate transaction and they can give legal advice to draft appropriate documentation from their experience. The firm can also provide a full and thorough support for business planning and contract negotiation.
    The firm also provides its legal service to management unions of real estate such as condominium.

  • 4.Bankruptcy

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office has handled a large number of cases involving corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcy. The firm assigns multiple attorneys to tackle a case as a team and it gives its client an appropriate legal advice and assistance to take steps of rehabilitation. The firm is committed to give its full support to its SME/Venture clients in crisis and help them take steps to revive their businesses.

  • 5.Labor and Employment

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office has vast experience in dealing various labor related cases. In addition to representing workers in purely domestic labor law cases, the firm has been handling many cases (e.g., wrongful termination, etc.) for expatriates working in Japan. Based on such experience, the firm can also provide a swift and appropriate advice to its corporate clients.

  • 6.Intellectual Property Entertainment

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office handles a wide range of cases involving Intellectual Property including patent, trademark, registered design, copyright, and trade secret mainly in entertainment fields including media and music. The firm is also actively involved in IT related fields including software development and licensing as well as e-commerce.

  • 7.International Law

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office has multiple attorneys who studied abroad and have worked in the international law firms. Upon requests of its domestic and international clients, the firm provides legal services such as drafting, translating and negotiating contracts which have cross border aspects, including private equity investment, international distributorship and licensing. The firm has close relationship with many foreign law firms (in US, Europe and Asia) and has been providing legal services jointly with such firms when necessary.

  • 8.Sports Law

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office has been representing athletes including professional football players and baseball players. Its experience involves not only providing legal advice to athletes but also acting as the agent of professional baseball players. The firm also provides legal services to sports management companies.

  • 9.M&A

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office provides legal advice to clients who are going through M&A. It also conducts due diligence for clients. The firm quickly forms a team of multiple attorneys to tackle a case depending on the nature and the size of a case. The firm can offer flexible packages for clients with limited budget, depending on the nature of a case.

  • 10.Wills and Estate, Family Law

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office covers issues involving wills and estates. From a legal advice for drafting will, to a solution to a dispute over inheritance, the firm provides broad services to clients by cooperating with other professionals such as CPAs and tax accountants.
    The firm also deals with general family law matters including a divorce and a judicial separation.

  • 11.Debt Collection

    Omotesando Sogo Law Office forms a team of multiple attorneys that works best for each case and tackles for faster solutions for debt collection including preliminary injunction, seizure of assets and foreclosure.

  • 12.Criminal Law

    For defense of a criminal case in Japan, an initial activity right after a detention by police is extremely important. Omotesando Sogo Law Office has attorneys with extensive experience in Criminal defense and can take swift actions. The firm also provides legal assistance to protect a victim by helping procedures of filing a criminal complaint.