Firm Overview

Omotesando Sogo Law Office was founded in January 2010 with a mission of providing first class legal assistance to its clients. The firm is conveniently located in Minami Aoyama, just a few blocks from Tokyo Metro’s Omotesando station.

Omotesando Sogo Law Office lawyers have diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in wide range of legal matters. With the strong alliance of its highly skilled attorneys, the firm supports both domestic and multi-national corporations in various fields. The firm provides prompt services in various areas of law to businesses in all sizes from a large public corporation to a smaller private corporation. Our areas of practices include corporate, intellectual property, technology, real estates, labor, general risk management, as well as mergers & acquisitions, and bankruptcy. The firm also provides full support to its individual clients for various matters involving real estate, personal injury, divorce, and wills and estates.

Omotesando Sogo Law Office is committed to give its corporate and individual clients prompt and accurate assistance in wide range of legal matters with the teamwork of its highly experienced attorneys and staff. The firm is able to give its clients thorough support by working with specialists including certified public accountants, judicial scriveners, and licensed tax accountants.

Today’s rapid stream of globalization changed the way business is conducted by domestic corporations, and the firm’s corporate clients also face legal matters in global level. The attorneys of Omotesando Sogo Law Office can provide legal services in both Japanese and English.

In era of change, Omotesando Sogo Law Office is the firm that evolves as its clients and the world evolve, and is committed to provide frist class legal services at all times.